Discover the rich literature, culture, politics and history of the most visited country in the world, France. As a French major or minor, you’ll master the language of diplomacy (and of love!), while also gaining a strong appreciation for great French and Francophone writers of the past and present. You’ll examine French cinema as an art form and a vehicle for cultural and political expression in the Francophone world. And you’ll directly apply your French language skills in the business environment through high-impact internships with French companies that prepare you for careers in business, education, academia, international commerce, politics and law.  

French up close In and Beyond the Classroom

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Global Education

Though not required, the Department of Modern Languages encourages all French students to participate in transformative study abroad and/or travel course opportunities at Randolph-Macon. As part of the Culture et société de Martinique (FREN 284) travel course, students journeyed to Martinique to learn about the island’s culture and literature. They explored the rich history that links Martinique to France and visited historically significant sites that serve as reminders of the island’s past and diverse present including the museum of slavery, the city of Saint Pierre (destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mont Pelée), a Rhum distillery and sugar cane fields. 


French students can take advantage of multiple scholarship opportunities to assist with the cost of international study as well as French-specific study abroad scholarships.

  • The Barbara S. Doggett French Fellowship and Scholarship is for French students studying abroad for a semester or year in a French-speaking country. The scholarships support aspiring majors and minors early on in their study of French. 
  • The Susan L. Carrell Scholarship supports travel expenses for 91Ƶ students studying abroad in France (including dependencies).

Hands-on Research

French students are encouraged to conduct their own research on topics related to French culture, film, history, art and literature. A French faculty advisor mentors you throughout the research process, providing personalized one-on-one support as you study what interests you most. You may also pursue The Mathilde de Brylkine French Prize in recognition of your original research achievement. 


French faculty take pride in guiding 91Ƶ students through their language and cross-cultural experiences with empathy and support. They foster community among students studying French and more broadly, languages at 91Ƶ, and guide not only your academic journey, but your future career.

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French in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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FREN 212

Crossing The French Borders en francais

Develop your linguistic skills and gain knowledge and appreciation for French-speaking cultures outside of France including Tahiti, Algeria, Martinique, and Senegal. 

FREN 354

Fairy-Tale Beginnings

Trace the genre of fairy tales as a transcultural phenomenon, from oral tradition to film adaptation, by studying a variety of French fairy tales from female and male writers. Explore what makes fairy tales as relevant today as they were in Early Modern France. 

FREN 471

Women in French Literature

Examine the ways women authors and literary characters have seen themselves and been seen in a male-dominated society. Study the works of Madame de Sevigne, Madame de LaFayette, and George Sand, as well as works whose central characters are women by Laclos, Flaubert, and Mauriac. 

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among French majors
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pI Delta Phi

National French Honor Society

French club

Modern Language Forum

Ateliers de cuisine

Poésie et Chocolat

Poetry and Chocolate

Soirée de Cinéma

French Movie Nights

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