The Dean of Students Office monitors student conduct in support of the College’s educational mission, promoting and ensuring adherence to community standards and responsibilities.

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The mission of the Dean of Students’ team is to support the College’s educational mission and goals by promoting a just, safe, and civil College climate through informational programming, upholding community and behavioral standards as embodied in the Student Conduct Code, conducting fair and impartial student conduct processes and training Student Conduct Board members.

Vision Statement

By conducting fair and impartial student conduct processes, constantly and consistently reviewing the Student Conduct Code, upholding community standards and student rights and responsibilities, and training Student Conduct Board members, the Dean of Students Office will be a paragon of community standards and student responsibilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Incident Reporting


Sanctions are imposed individually or in combination for violation of College policies. Some sanctions require the submission of payments or other documentation.

Students who are unable to complete the assigned sanction by the due date should contact the Dean of Students Office to request an extension prior to the due date. The decision to grant an extension is at the sole discretion of the Associate Dean of Students.

If you have received a sanction including community service totaling more than five (5) hours, you may request to participate in the Non-Perishable Can Exchange. You may complete up to 50% of your total hours by donating three (3) cans per hour. 

If you have exigent circumstances and or need, you may discuss your situation with the Student Conduct Administrator prior to completion.

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James McGhee, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students